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hbk • Jul 1, 2008

project value

hi guys..

i m in a bit of a dilemma... so please help me out...please reply only if u r totally convinced with what u r saying...

and this is urgent... so please reply fast...

i hav done a one month internship where i developed an application using PHP/MySQL.

i hav also done an independent project using PHP/MySQL.

Now, i m doing another internship this summer. The work assigned to me requires me to use ASP.NET/SQL server.

what i want to know, is that, with 2 projects already using PHP/MySQL, how useful will it be for me to do an intern in ASP.NET/SQL server??

should i ask my boss to put me in another project...

hbk • Jul 6, 2008
could somebody pls suggest me something... its really imp 4 me...


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