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Project Internship company preference

Question asked by dhin in #Internships on May 3, 2011
dhin · May 3, 2011
Hey Guys,
This is Dhinesh from BITS-Pilani. We have an internship program at our campus where we go to work in projects in corporate companies for 6 months. I need a little info regarding which one to opt for. The criteria I need you people to rate upon are
  • Type of Work
  • Work culture
  • Possiblity of converting into a job

The companies which we have are
  1. EMC,Bangalore
  2. Citrix Labs, Bangalore
  3. Zynga,Bangalore [Game building company]
  4. Infinera,Bangalore
  5. Juniper Networks,Bangalore
  6. Computer Associates, Hyderabad
  7. Avaya, Pune
  8. Broadcom,Bangalore
  9. Oracle India,Hyderbad
  10. Flipkart Online Services
  11. Nvidia,Hyderabad

Please give an order to prefer if possible. Your help is highly appreciated.

Dhinesh Posted in: #Internships
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · May 3, 2011
Rank A1 - PRO
It would be bit difficult to judge all these companies on the parameters you've provided. The companies you've mentioned work in different domains so you will have to pick up a company that offers work in the field of your interest. Couple of pointers from my side that might help you make a wiser decision:-

1. Work Culture: Startup companies will offer you a more friendly work culture and flexibility to work on different domains. Zynga may offer you the American startup culture which you might enjoy. So is the case with Flipkart. Big companies will offer you bigger campuses and perks and better salary. However funded startups and successful startups will match the industry benchmarks.

2. Type Of Work: You'll have to be selective in deciding where you go for internship. 6 months time is long enough to learn new things. I'd prefer a startup company any day over a big company as you can take up lot of responsibility and directly be under the eye of company management. However that's your personal choice. Find out what kind of work these companies offer to you by writing to their HRs or concerned authorities and you'll have a better idea.

3. Possibility Of Job Conversion: I think that problem is more or less solved. Almost every company you mentioned above is hiring these days. It might be difficult to get into companies like Zynga, NVIDIA, Oracle, JN and Flipkart (No clue about others). But if you can make a good impression in 6 months, you'll get through easily. No one wants to lose an already trained intern.

Hope this answers your question to some extent. All the best!
dhin · May 4, 2011
Thanks Mr.Admin for the info. 😀
dileepsrivatsav · May 6, 2011
😀hi guys can u give the website on according to my specification that is , i am from electronic&control engineering so which companies gives the internship on this branch
i have mention the electronics&instrumentation engineering its is according to control system engineering&how much percentage is require for to do the internship

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