Project ideas for CS/IT

Final year projects of my batch:

1.Dynamic Load balancing job scheduler for cluster systems

2. Traffic Sign Recognition using Pattern Recognition

3. Road Traffic Congestion control using Hybrid Petrinet Modeling and Analysis

4. Text Summarization based on Semantic Similarity of Sentences

5. Rating of Stocks and Risks Analyis of Portfolio using Data Mining Techniques

6. Constraint Logic Programming System using SCALA

7. Markov Decision Process s a Framework for a Multi-Agent Game

8. Drunken and Drowsy Driving Detection System

9. Temperature Control and Monitoring using Fuzzy Logic Controller

10. Measurement of Maintainability for an Aspect Oriented Software

11. Measuring Evolution of software developed using AO methodology

12. Optimization of Cloud storage using File level deduplication technique

13. SOA based Framework for Piracy Aware Composition of Web Services

14. Voice-enabled location based service for Emergency situations

15. Blogging using GPRS enabled Mobile phones

16. A framework for efficient video streaming using Multi-source method

17. Web Services for multimedia streaming using 3D-DWT algorithm

18. Implementing web service in REST architecture using Wireless Sensor Networks

19. Enhancing the characteristics of WSN using Cloud

20. Collective Intelligence based web search personalization

21. Extracting customer needs using Opinion Mining for Electronic Gadgets

22. Preventing Attacks on Web Services

23. Effective mechanism for defending web applications against intrusions

24. Prediction of biological activities fo HIV-1 inhibitor compounds using FUZZY ARTMAP

25. Improving efficiency of the Fast Hybrid Pattern matching algorithm for biological sequences

26. Speech recognition of isolated word for biological systems

27. Speech verification using Speaker Cluster-wise Universal Background Model

28. Moving Target Pursuit in Dynamic Environment

29. Application of Feature Extraction and Clustering in ROI idenfication using SVM classifier

30. Video Retrieval using Motion Estimation

31. 3D lung CT image reconstruction with Automated Tumor identification and classification

32. Mail application with Automated Spam Mail Detection System

33. Compiler-level Optimizaion of branching statements using Dynamic Code Reordering

34. Cryptographic key cracking using Distributed Computing environment

35. Web data mining using XML

36. An approach to Test Case Optimization

37. Performance improvement of TCP over wireless LAN using EWLN and enhanced Snoop

38. Sign Language Recognition and Conversion to Speech

39. 3D Object recognition using ICA

40. Enhancing TCP performance during Mobility in Wireless Networks

41. Hitting all odd cycles: An experimental study based on parameterized algorithm

42. A Design for dynamic and adaptive web service evolution based on SOA

43. Dynamic Reconfiguration of Service Oriented Application using Aspect Oriented Software Development

44. Personal Information Management System using Constraint Programming


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