programming problem in C++

I was trying to solve this problem but got stuck.the problem goes like
I have a string of 0's and ones which is to be inputted by the user ..
may be something like "000110010"..The solution is a string in which I get 0's on one side and 1's on other side( like compaction where 0 represents used memory and 1 represents free memory)..+ the total distance (in terms of shifts) ..
For the string: 000110010..the output would be 000000111. and the diatance 1's or 0's have to be moved to achieve the output!
Can anyone help ????


  • pooja sehgal
    pooja sehgal
    plz mention about d distance moved
    we have to specify the distance moved by each 1 or 0 ????
    or the total distance covrd by all 1's & 0's??
  • ankur8819
    It is the total distance moved by all zero's or one's!
  • pradeep_agrawal
    Below is a sample code for above problem statement.

    #include "stdio.h"
    #include "string.h"
    #define MAX_STRING_LEN 100
    int main() {
      char str[MAX_STRING_LEN + 1] = {0};
      int strl = 0;
      int move_count = 0;
      int move_pos = 0;
      int i = 0;
      scanf("%s", str);
      strl = strlen(str);  
      if(strl < 1) {
        printf("Empty string\n");
        return 0;
      for(i = 0; i < strl; i++) {
        if((str[i] != '0') && (str[i] != '1')) {
          printf("Invalid character in string\n");
          return 0;
      for(i = strl -1, move_pos = strl - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
        if(str[i] == '1') {
          str[i] = '0';
          str[move_pos] = '1';
          move_count += move_pos - i;
      printf("Result string: %s\n", str);
      printf("Total movement: %d\n", move_count);
      return 0;
    Compile the file with above code and run as:
    a.exe < input.txt > output.txt [on windows]
    a.out < input.txt > output.txt [on linux]

    a.exe or a.out are the executables generated after compilation
    input.txt is the file containing input string
    output.txt is the output file containing result


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