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*pushkar* • Jun 22, 2012

Profile + Work for an MBA student

Guys, can anyone throw some light on this question? I would like to know about the profiles & work which are given to students after mba.

I have seen many students are going for mba field so i am just gathering information more & more about mba field.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 22, 2012
I'll ask kidakaka (IIM-Indore Alumni) to reply.
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Jun 23, 2012
Hey pushkar,

Post MBA, there are a variety of profiles which open up for you. They depend upon -
  1. Which specialization do you go for (Finance, Systems, Marketing, Ops, HR, etc)
  2. Which college you do your PG from (IIMs, second rung b-schools or local b-schools)
Typically, Systems profile start with Business Analyst roles, or Bid Management/Pre-sales roles.
Marketing profiles start with Sales oriented roles (Area Sales Manager, Sales Executive and so on)
Fin profiles can be as the Finance and Control team in any company or as Equity Research Analyst
Obviously these are not the only profiles, depending on how you mix the skills you can get into other roles (Sys + marketing, you have product manager, online sales, etc.)
*pushkar* • Jun 23, 2012
Thanks for your reply. Actually, i am interested in IT side. So, i am interested in MBA in IT/Systems/operations. Are all same? 😒

I am also looking for a good college. I am not crazy for IIMs but still one of the good bschools. I like IMT G, Fore, IITs, IMI D, NMINS.

So, let me know what you can say for me 😀
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Jun 26, 2012
Typically, an MBA starts out as a Business Analyst in an IT firm. Depending on your orientation, this can change from person to person ...
1. If you can put together a good presentation and communicate clearly, you can then go for Pre-Sales, which results in a career of IT Sales (often referred to as Account Management)
2. If you can manage people effectively, then you can go for Project Management (or the PMO)
3. Given enough years, if you can lead sales and also do Project Management, then you can shift into a Product Manager role (who liases between tech, sales and customers)
4. If you do like number crunching and making awesome presentations, then a career in Consultancy could be the calling ;-)

Would be easier to indicate if you could share a link to your CV or LinkedIn profile 😀

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