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Producing energy from ceiling fan by using brushless dc motor

i am trying to produce energy from ceiling fan by using brushless dc that possible?
You certainly can. The second Law of Thermodynamics will ensure that you get less energy than the extra energy that the ceiling fan consumes if that is done.
See here:
sir, i selected my final sem project topic energy produced from ceiling it's possible that the energy produced from fan will use to charge mobile battery without any more power consumption...
lal • Sep 14, 2015
Is it a miniature windmill that will be operated by the wind generated by ceiling fan that is in your mind?
Yes something like that...but i am gonna use same concept in fan...
lal • Sep 15, 2015
I would suggest you do some rough calculations and consider real life scenarios before continuing or planning items for the project.

A normal PC fan wouldn't rotate by the influence of wind generated by ceiling fan even at its maximum rpm. Which means, a bigger fan will be required. Even if the fan manages to turn, the amount of power generated has to charge the cell at a decent rate.

Consider the cell phone battery capacity to be 2000mAh. If the charging is to finish in under two hours, 740mA at 5V has to be supplied ideally to the phone. That is around 4W to be generated!

But, let us say this is free energy shouldn't expect that much. Even 300mA would be a good value. Again, that will depend on the ceiling fan output!

Choosing the right generator and designing a good turbine and further making it all compact enough to sit on the corner of a table producing enough energy would be a good challenge.

Keep us posted with the progress.
Yes something like that...but i am gonna use same concept in fan...
Please review @lal's post above. The points made deserve attention.
I have a sneaking suspicion that you are planning to put your generator on the ceiling fan itself. That is a no way street. Willnot work for the reason mentioned above about the second law of thermodynamics. There is no free lunch.
Sir,we are not using general fan,but using superfan which weight is less and the power consumption also less.we are using rack and pinion mechanism and magnet placed over the pinion hence the rotation of pinion is more hence the magnetic field produced is strong so electricity produed is this possible in general???
Whatever super duper fan you use, if that fan's drive train is directly running your gadget it is a losing game. Not on.
You will be better off using direct power to charge your phone. There is no getting around the laws of thermodynamics.

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