processor bytes determination

how do we tell weather the processor is 8-bit or 16-bit or ....???


  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    Pallavi, what inputs do we have to solve the problem? Any of the following would do -

    1. specs sheet of the proc :-D or Opcode sheet of the processor
    2. OS specific - in windows - start->run->dxdiag - the main screen will show you what proc you have
    3. OS specific - in linux - "uname -a" will show you what proc you have
    4. OS specific - in linux - "grep flags /proc/cpuinfo" and look at the end of the string - lm = 64 bit, real mode = 16 bit, protected mode = 32 bit
  • pallavi agarwal
    pallavi agarwal
    it will tell us that's ok..but i want 2 ask that how it is determined?

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