Problems on aerodynamics

A hypersonic experimental aircraft is flying in the lower stratosphere at an altitude of 20 km, at a ground speed of 177m/s.
a)the atmospheric pressure and temperature experienced by the aircraft at 20 km altitude, assuming an isothermal variation in temperature in the stratosphere,calculate
b)the Mach number at which the aircraft is flying.
c)the Mach number behind the shock wave located just ahead of the aircraft nose.
d)the temperature and pressure experienced by the tip of the aircraft nose.


  • zahidfcuk
    can anyone tell me, where can I get some solved problem in aerodynamics??
  • roopits4me
    refer these books once it might be helpful for u.

    Introduction to flight - Anderson
    Fundamentals of Aerodynamics - Anderson
    Aerodynamics for Engineering Students - Houghton and Carpenter/Caruthers
    Aerodynamics - Clancy
    Modern Compressible flow - Anderson
    Gas dynamics - Rathakrishnan
    Viscous flow - F M white

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