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S€M • Jan 25, 2017

Problem in Programmer

I made programmer for 8051 controller and i made it from internet souce.After soldering all components pcb i found that it is not load program in my atmel 89c51 controller. I have flash magic software to do that thing.
lal • Jan 26, 2017
Does the programmer get detected by the flashing software? Or does it not have to?

PS: I do not have any experience with 89c51 and its programmers. My experience is limited to PICs and programmers. It used to be like that with PIC programmers IIRC.
S€M • Jan 26, 2017
Thanks for your response.
S€M • Jan 26, 2017
I am working on line follower circuit and as a part of this circuit i use ldr and led for sensing line andd i want to use opham for giving signal to controllers.
But how to connect opham in between light sensing circuit and controller.

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