Problem in dkim implementation

I am facing problem in dkim (Domail Key Identified Mail) implementation on server

I have written code to send emails using amazon web services , and have also added dkim signature on mail header

But each time i try to send email it shows dkim=hardfail in message header of email in my inbox , I have also modified dns txt and spf records but still not able to solve it

If anyone can help me i will be thankful


  • The_Small_k
    hello goyal
    I don't have much idea about dkim what you are talking about.
    But if your main moto is to send email by using amazon server.You can use SMTP protocol,specify the server address and port no.
    I have developed a standalone application in which i used google main server and it's open port to send email.
    You can use any server just by specifying server name and it's open prot.
  • Manish Goyal
    Manish Goyal
    Thanks for your reply buddy

    Did you read about amazon web services ? Because for using amazon web services , you need to have their access key and secret id for sending emails , then you can download aws sdk for sending emails

    2nd DKIM is a way through which we authenticate ourself as a authorized user to send email from a particular domain (To know more DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM))

    Now i have done everything , but still i am getting dkim=hardfail error , which i am not getting how to resolve?
  • Manish Goyal
    Manish Goyal
    Issue Fixed 😀 😀 😀
  • The_Small_k
    Congrats goyal !
    Don't you like to share with us ?
  • Manish Goyal
    Manish Goyal
    If you read about dkim in my above mentioned link , then i have to just make following settings in my dkim-milter

    c = relaxed/relaxed ,

    Really this is a trick , you will not find it easily on Google , God knows how much i searched about it on Google and finally i am done

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