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vikki2point9 • Jul 19, 2007

Problem after installing IE7 on Windows XP

i hav xp sp2 operating system installed on my PC.. i installed IE7 yesterday.. after installatrion i gave command for restart.. windows booted nicely but give an error message.. desktop was blank.. now i am running programs using task manager and all of them are running fine.. can anyone tell me what could be the problem and its solution..
Elisa • Jul 19, 2007
It is difficult to pinpoint why the desktop went blank. How much memory do you have on your PC? Also, I do not understand what you mean by running programs using task manager.

Your best bet is Firefox. IE7 is yet to mature.
windows booted nicely but give an error message.. desktop was blank..
Hey bro, what does the error message say? And, the desktop had no icons, start button or task bar? I guess something went wrong with the "explorer.exe" process. See if trying updating Windows from the microsoft websote would fix the problem 😉 Oh, an as Elisa suggested, Firefox is a good alternative!

Elisa, I think vikki meant running programs using task manager by using that "New Task" function under File. Never thought it would be a useful thing!
vikki2point9 • Jul 20, 2007
thanks eLiSa and aSh.. i think i have no other option except installing xp again.. well friends i mostly use firefox but thought to give IE7 a try... well i was better with firefox...!!!!
LORD_EC • Jul 20, 2007
hey wait...
Open this VB script and i think eveything will be fine..
Lord_EC, that's a great find! I hope vikki has used it before reinstalling XP 😛

Actually, I use IE7 too at times. It seems alrite as long as you patch Windows up frequently. And, make sure you download IE7 from a trusted website 😉

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