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I GATE, I have seen that about 10-12 marks come directly from Maths. Out of which Probability and statistics.has a big share.
I am dedicating this thread to for practicing and posting some simple methods for probability problems.

I will be posting the common types of questions which are asked in GATE.

Feel free to make your contributions.

-By order-
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A company has three machines A, B, C. They produce 15%, 20% and 65% of identical goods respectively. Out of them the defective pieces produced by each machine are 0.01, 0.03, 0.15.

What is the probability that a defective piece is selected and it is produced by Machine C?
Solution:[TABLE="class: grid, width: 350"]
[TD]Probability Of Production P(M)[/TD]
[TD]Defects By Each Machine P(D/M)[/TD]

We have to find P(M/D)=P(C/D)

We will use Baye's Theorem
P(C/D)= {0.65*0.15)/ {0.15*0.01+0.20*0.03+0.65*0.15}


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