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smriti • Aug 13, 2012

Printer Reaches Maximum Resolution, Fits Images In Minimum Width

World's highest resolution printer can now print images on minuscule objects, and by minuscule, they mean the thinnest overlooked strand of hair. The image width measure approximately 50 micrometers across and perfectly fits a human hair. The image you see below is an enlargement of the image, originally just 50x50 micrometers.


The printer which was developed by Researchers at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore, is capable of producing images at an amazing 100,000 dots per inch, in full color. Each pixel in an ultra-resolution image is printed so by depositing four nanoscale pillars, tens of nanometers tall, and are then topped by silver and gold nanodisks.

The printer also implements the concept of structural color, which makes it possible for the image to reflect a specific color by altering the diameter and spacing of these microscopic structures. This printer promises ten times better resolution than the highest-res laser and inkjet printers and probably can't better than this. According to scientists, the pixels are so closely put together that any attempt to lower the distance between them would result in diffraction of light, making the objects a blur.

Researchers hope to commercialize this new method for applications in nanoscale watermarks, storing archival information and cryptography.

Source: Gizmodo Image Credit: Nature

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