Preparing for Revised GRE Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension aka RC seems to be one of the toughest sections in the revised GRE. We've received feedback from lot of CEans saying the RC is tougher than older GRE and requires excellent reading and comprehension skills. I'm inviting views and feedback from our CEans who're preparing for GRE about preparing for the RC section. Some of the common tips to improve RC is to -1. Read More: The more you read, the more comfortable you become with reading. 2. Read blogs: The GRE is conducted online and many test takers aren't familiar with reading text on computer screens. The best way to deal with this is to start a habit of reading blog - technical, non-technical, political etc. 3. Read only once - and keep important things in mind: Lot of people who aren't trained readers tend to read twice or thrice to understand the meaning of the passage. Develop a habit to read in one go. Apart from this, there are other tricks that work or may not work for test takers. Whether you should read questions first or the paragraph first needs to be decided. Inviting all suggestions and ideas from CEans. 😀


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    The CEans who are preparing for CAT can help in this regard too. I will try to write some help tips too.
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    One of the strategies that many might find useful while tackling RCs is as follows:


1. In introductory paragraph is very important. Read the first 3-4 lines very carefully. Try to understand the author's view point, the author's tone of writing. See what are the points the author is trying to focus. In short, gather the keywords.

2. Now take a quick glance at the questions. Just read the questions, not the options (because they are too ambiguous).

3. The words in the questions will tell you about the areas in the passage that you have to concentrate on.
Now read the whole paragraph slowly, as Biggie mentioned, such that you don't have to read it again. Read to understand.

4. Go to the questions. Read the question & match it with the lines from the paragraph. Bingo! You get the answer. This technique won't work with the questions related to the author's tone/mood in the passage.
    5. Practice. After reading about 100+ passages using this method & solving them carefully, you won't find it difficult or time-consuming to solve them in the main exam.

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