• Praudyogikii 12 is a Technical Festival organized by Chitkara University, Chandigarh.

    It is their third annual technical festival. The fest focuses on imparting technical understanding and expert knowledge to offer everything to conquer your imagination, from the nerve cracking competitions to lectures by noted luminaries, from incredible workshops to entertainment hubs.


    ACM presents- Prakalpneeti
    • Major: Programming League
    • Minor: PC Assembly
    ASME presents- Yantraneeti
    • Major: Mecanique Might
    • Minor: Hot Wheels
    IE presents Rupankneeti-
    • Major: Elixir
    • Minor: Molino De Vinto
    IEEE presents- Vilayneeti
    • Major: Sameeksha
    • Minor: Googly
    IETE presents- Rachneeti
    • Major: Circuitrix
    • Minor: Dexter's Laboratory
    ISTE presents- Ganneeti
    • Major: La innovta
    • Minor: PC Quest
    • Swarm Robotics @Robosapiens
    • 3D Animation @i3indya technologies
    • Autospark @MBS group
    • Ideating > Inventing > Patenting @ Novotrail innovation hub
    and many other expert talks, exhibitions and competitions.

    For more details, queries and registration; visit their website: #-Link-Snipped-#
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