Pranav Mistry's Accent - Did It Really Matter?

Pranav Mistry, the guy who delivered one of the most viewed TED talks on the Sixth Sense Technology, unveiled Samsung's next big thing - the Galaxy Gear. An Indian, grown in Palanpur in Gujarat, should have made Indians proud when the world came to know that he's the brains behind world's leading consumer electronics company's next big bet. But what did Indians do? They trolled the entire Internet laughing at his accent.

Why do Indians love to fake accent?

I've seen this mad love Indians have about the American / British accent. I've seen how idiotic people sound when they try to fake their accent. On the other hand, I've seen Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German people trying to speak in their natural accent and no one cares. But Indians are different. We absolutely love people who've mastered the western accent. In fact, we immediately begin treating them with 10x more respect.

This question is about the 'accent'. Does it really matter in today's world? Is it because we're taught to be like the people in the west to 'appear' smart, well-informed and educated?

What do you think?


  • Pensu
    This is an absolute bullshit. The day after he launched the Galaxy Gear, I saw his name trending on twitter and of-course I thought it was because he has done amazing things. But when I saw the tweets, I mean, who the fuck in this world care about accent? This is like a whole new category of racism. You dont have 1% of knowledge he has, and you are making fun of him, get a life!

    Not everyone thinks like this, but there are some wannabees who want to show they are superior. May be, that's why we are still a developing country. It's our inherited urge to please foreigners!

    And yeah, Pranav Mistry has already answered all those people. He is there, on the stage, launching the future of technology, and if you still think you need a good "accent" to move up, then you need to rethink!
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    From my point of view, Accent really doesnt matters.If you can communicate and make them understand ,then I dont give to accent.Indians always think The white people to be superior and they think that if they can follow and imitate it, they feel them superior.
  • Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar
    There is no point of making fun of his accent.
    People are hipsters who don't know what is innovation, just find something to troll about.
    I saw him live, I think Pranav is technical person not a salesman, and tried to put technical aspect as simple it could be.
    He was little anxious about what people will feel when they will use this device.

    After watching video of galaxy gear and his old TED talk, I am sure he is working on something new and bigger thing.

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