PowerUp FPV Turns Your Paper Plane Into A Camera Drone With Live Streaming Capabilities

Continuing with our Kickstarter coverage, we bring you news about the latest product from PowerUp, the company that gave the impressive PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module Lets You Control Paper Planes With Your Smartphone that allowed us to fly our paper planes with the help of our smartphones. This time they have debuted an even more impressive product called the PowerUp FPV that hooks up with paper planes and turns them into a camera drone with live streaming and recording facilities. The team from PowerUp Toys teamed up with commercial camera drone makers Parrot to create the PowerUp FPV. Within a few days of its launch on Kickstarter they have managed to garner more than twice the funds against their pledged goal of $100,000. Read on to find out what features made the PowerUp FPV such an enormous success in crowd funding history.

PowerUp FPV (2)

The awesomeness of the PowerUp FPV lies in the way you control its flight. Previously on the PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module you could move the plane using the gamepad that was displayed on the Android or iOS app. This time you can not only fly the plane using the gamepad but also use head mounted kit that comes as an optional extra with the PowerUp FPV. You slide in your smartphone in this Google Cardboard based VR kit and you can see the live video that the camera on the drone is capturing. To pilot the PowerUp FPV you have to move your head in the same direction you want the drone to go. You can set the PowerUp FPV on auto pilot and the assist feature will stop it from crashing.

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It’s obvious you can design the paper plane in any shape you want before putting in the PowerUp FPV. The camera on the PowerUp FPV can swivel 180 degrees and live stream the footage via Wi-Fi for up to 300 meters to any compatible device while storing it on the onboard microSD card. On full charge you can fly the PowerUp FPV for up to 10 minutes at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Early backers can snap up one for prices starting at $159. The product is expected to land in hands of backers by June 2016.

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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    I would love to play with flying machines like that. It us super awesome and pricing seems decent for its capabilities and features.
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    This guy is amazing and following his project from long time. Now they partner with parrot to bring AWESOME PowerUp FPV.

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