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@mindstunner • 25 Jan, 2011
I need an powerpoint presentation on " applications of fluid mechanics "

can anyone give me a ppt on this , its very urgent

i dont have time to make a presentation now.

please help me
@mindstunner • 26 Jan, 2011 [help] Needa pwerpoint presentation

Hello Guys

I need a Powerpoint Presenation On " Application Of Fluid Mechanics"

As , I don not have much time to make a presentation now.

so , anyone can help me with this, i'll be thankful.

please guys help me.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 26 Jan, 2011 Merging your posts. How much time do you have? What have you worked on till now?
@mindstunner • 27 Jan, 2011 I have just 3 days with me. 😔

i have to give presentation on monday.

and , i am just collecting material for my presentation 😔

but , its really hard for me to complete it in 3 days.

if , anyone can give me a presentation on it , i will be very thankful to him.. 😀

please help me.

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