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medeepak • Jan 14, 2011

Power Consumption Monitoring


i intend to work on a project where i find the energy consumed by each device of a house/office and give it to a Computer so that user may use the information to reduce his power consumption wherever required

Though i am going through online literature for this i have a doubt:

Is it necessary for me to monitor the energy consumed at each instant or can i find the power consumed by a device (say for eg air conditioner) once and based on its ON time i can multiply them to find the energy consumed.
medeepak • Jan 14, 2011
i understand there are good amount of power fluctuations when a device is turned ON or OFF but otherwise while working normally does the power consumed change??
freak16 • Jan 15, 2011
under normal working you just take the average power and multipy it by the time ..
that means you are buddy..

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