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Pounds Rained in UK

Question asked by Smeechi Mittal in #Coffee Room on Jul 26, 2012
Smeechi Mittal
Smeechi Mittal · Jul 26, 2012
Rank D1 - MASTER
Yes! you saw it right, UK currency 'Pound' rained today in London. But the noble job was not done by clouds (they barely shower water, money is far away from concern), but by a faulty ATM. The condition sounds amazing, I mean money for free! Who wouldn't want it? But the condition was rather chaotic. A large mass of crowd gathered around the ATM to take double the money. The Machine would leave out double the amount as demanded by the customer. Zee news reported that around 30 people were benefited by the malfunctioning ATM.
The police was soon called to control the crowd and get conditions in control. Though police has nothing to do with a faulty ATM, but the crowd was getting intense enough to access the ATM, that police had to be called to maintain control.Soon, Lloyds bank's staff reached to turn off the machine, and the money magic was over!
Since, the money was not absolutely free and the machine was dispensing double the money, thus it is expected that the bank would figure out the benefited people and would ask them to refund the money. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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