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24 Sep 2009

Potential source of project ideas for ECE EEE

This is aimed at those in need of ideas for mini projects or final year projects in embedded systems or microcontrollers

Microchip has launched a competition where the participants are required to design and build a system implementing the PIC32 chip. The competition is in its first phase and the designs have started pouring in.

myPIC32 - myPIC32

(Click on "View all designs" at the bottom left corner of the page)

You may want to check out the designs and (unscrupulously) copy the idea or be inspired and do something along the lines of the designs which appeals to you. 😎

If the designs seem too complicated , you can scale them down to a level of complexity that your comfortable with.

Heres another link which may prove useful:
Final Projects ECE 4760

Good Luck
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

10 years ago
Dude! Thats an awesome find! It'll beneficial for sure 😀

... also might be very useful for CE Bot too *ahem*


Branch Unspecified
9 years ago
Good post indeed

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