• Narayanan V

    Narayanan V

    MemberJan 8, 2014

    Post Graduation in Automobile Engineering in Germany

    My son is about to get into an undergraduate engineering degree course (B.E or B.Tech), in India. Is it necessary that he studies either mechanical or automobile specialisation now, so as to make him eligible to study post graduation in automobile engineering in Germany? Or can he study any of the engineering disciplines like production engineering or mechatronics or electricals & electronics and still be eligible for the higher studies in automotive engineering?
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorJan 8, 2014

    Dear @#-Link-Snipped-# , welcome to CrazyEngineers!

    A general review of the requirements for MS in Automobile Engineering in Germany would reveal that a bachelor's degree in Mechanical or Automobile engineering is desired. Few of the Universities would allow for bachelor's degree in Mechatronics and Industrial engineering as well. If your son is determined to get a PG degree in automobile engineering; his first choice should be to look for bachelor's course in Mechanical or Automobile engineering. Production & Mechatronics should do; but you should do a quick review of the eligibility criteria setup by the Universities you are targeting.

    Electrical and Electronics engineering should be fine too; but that may not be the first choice.

    Let's wait for more feedback from others.
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