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Possible reasons for system being stuck

Question asked by ramana_slv in #Coffee Room on Oct 23, 2010
ramana_slv · Oct 23, 2010
Rank D1 - MASTER
What are the reasons for system to be struck? Can someone explain? Posted in: #Coffee Room
Leo · Oct 26, 2010
Rank B3 - LEADER
Hi ramana i can't specially say but according to my experience on PC i can classify them as,
1. Stuck due to memory problem.
2. Stuck due to CPU problem.
3. Stuck due to driver problem.
4. Resource Locking

1. Stuck due to memory problem:
This happens quite often, and reasons are quite simple. The paging algorithm in Windows is not strong enough for some operations, even after setting high page size it fails to page in and page out during some circumtances, due to which high load comes on memory which leads to send debug interrupt to system asking it to shut down or hang with memory dump.
The next is due to faulty memory module management, the problem isn't solved since years on windows of invalid memory allocation by program, which again leads to memory defragmentation problem causing it stuck or shutdown with memory dump. The problem that makes stuck linux is multiple memory resource lock and invalid stack access or stack smashing.

2. Stuck due to CPU problem:
A CPU is capable of processing millions of instructions per second, this capability of cpu is actually measured in how many floating operations it can perform per second, which is normally measured in Hertz for non-hardware pros(actually for all, very few people know it is calculated as floating operations per second). So when you exceed its operational power, it sends debug interrupt to itself and PC hangs out for sometime or shuts down. For linux it hangs and shuts down if temprature of CPU reaches above 93 degrees.

3. Stuck due to driver problem:
This problem usually comes to laptops and net tops owners only, usually occurs when driver program fails to read or identify CWR generated by hardware locking perticular bus or port finally hanging your system. This problem never occurs to linux usres.

4. Resource Locking:
Itself is explantory, we use this method to crash any linux or windows system, quite useful while building a destructive malicious code.

If there are any others then i don't know, classification is purely based on experience, nothing to do with RFC or something like that.
Happy Computing.

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