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portable software and regular software

actually some softwares are need to be installed in order to utilize it and some softwares can be just utilized by just double clicking on it (there is no need to install (portable software).
Actually my doubt arises here:
whether the portable softwares are just compiled codes so that we can able to use it .
But in case of the nonportable softwares(the software which require pre-installation) will generate compiled codes actually what is the technical secret behind this
Leo • Aug 8, 2010
Hi buddy you are right that portable software are nothing but just compiled codes so that we can use it just by executing.

Now why this does not apply to installable software, usually all installable softwares are highly compressed packages with compiled files for execution. You might know softwares ported as installable are always proprietary of software company or institution, doesn't matter it is free or not. Those software makers thus disallows you to misuse their source code for yourself and hence port a software as a package with hexadecimal signature which disallows the application to run without registering software to OS via that signature. This started just to protect proprietary rights of software owners when started. But slowly it became sign to detect malicious software which appears same as original one and Platform owners also started giving these software right to create their own cache as system level cache allowing faster execution than portable ones. All portable software face same problem related to system level cache to installable ones so they create extra files as cache and load them when you start them and hence they are able to give you same performance as installable one without actually getting any right for system level cache or signatures.Happy Computing.

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