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@whiz.kid.aniket • 27 Feb, 2010
Make your very own Pendrive a Portable RAM (virtual)😁

Just Follow these steps :-
1. Insert the Pen Drive (1GB atleast) in the USB port, i suggest you use 4GB.
2. Let the PC do what it wants to do to detect it..
3. After it finished his work, you have to act smart here, " Let the party begin "
4. Right Click on My Computer -> Properties
5. Advanced -> Performance Settings
6. Advanced -> Change
7. Select the Pen Drive
8. Click on Custom Size " Check the value of space available "
9. Enter the same in the Initial and the Max columns " You just used the space of the PenDrive as a Virtual Memory " Restart... " TADA!!! Your PC is Super Duper Fast!!

One of the Proud Super Duper CrazyEngineer

- Aniket (Pune)
@Manish Goyal • 27 Feb, 2010 nice tip aniket
@thechamp • 27 Feb, 2010 hey aniket,that sounds great. did you try it or just a hypothetical concept?
@gaurav.bhorkar • 27 Feb, 2010 The above process just creates a Windows pagefile in your pendrive. This may not potentially improve your PC's performance as there are pagefiles on other drives as well and they aren't always full.
If the OS ever uses the pagefile on the pendrive, the performance will not be as expected because the pendrive is much slower than he hard disk.

In Vista and Win 7 there is a feature called ReadyBoost using which you can improve your computer's performance.
@optimystix • 27 Feb, 2010 exactly as gaurav said. it just creates a pagefile(virtual ram as u call it) which wont be of much use as the PF usage never is 100% on the hard disks and they are definitely faster than our pendrives. So it is more of a hypothesis than a real thing.

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