Pool Chlorinator Help

Hey all,

I have a problem that i hope some one can solve as it has annoyed me for the past week..

I have a Self Chlorinator for my pool, which is a electrolizer and creates chlorine for the pool instead of adding it ur self.

Just recently something happen to it and The gauge on it is reading unusually low and is only adjustable to a certain point..

on the front it has a chlorine Output Gauge in % (Analogue Ammeter calibrated for %??) it will not past 20%

The Schematic is as follows :


9v output goes to a bridge rectifier (which is mounted on a rather large heatsink) . The + output of the bridge rectifier goes directly to the positive plates of th electrolizer, the - side of the bridge rectifier goes through the chlorine output gauge(Ammeter) in series then out to the negative plates of the electrolizer.

The 240v goes through a control circuit prior which i replaced before troubleshooting 😔, i have now hooked 240ac directly up to the 240 side of the transformer and still getting the same results...

Only options are Transformer, Ammerter or Bridge rectifier yeh ???

Can anyone give me some tests that i can do before buying more components?

im going to set it up in a minute without the ammeter to cross that off the list but yeh..

Im getting 2.3amps at the electrolyizer but it should rather be 9-12 at 100% opperation..

any help much appreciated!

Thx in advance


  • atz88
    Any body ??

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