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ukesh • Nov 27, 2009

Pneumatic Circuit Doubt

I"m designing an pneumatic circuit which I will be using in my robot. I have an doubt regarding the force exerted by the actuator. The maximum pressure which I will be using is 8 bar (approximately 116 PSI). The compressed air will be stored an air tank. The tank will be connected to the regulator, then the valve and then finally the actuator (pneumatic cylinder, single acing,spring return). The circuit is an open loop system. Initially the pressure inside the cylinder will be at 8bar. when the valve is opened, the air from the tank flows through the circuit and actuates the cylinder. when the valve is closed the air inside the cylinder comes out as exhaust. Here comes my doubt, since some amount of air is released from the tank for one actuation (stroke), will pressure inside the cylinder reduce for the next actuation? If the pressure reduces, automatically the force provided by the cylinder reduces. Correct me if I'm wrong?

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