PLUTO-not planet anymore

Since my childhood, I have been taught that there are 9 planets in all.
But recent studies,has shown that there are 8 planets in all and PLUTO is not to be considered as planet anymore.

PLUTO has now been characterised in DWARF PLANETS.


  • rosh009
    hmm.........itz realyy sad to see pluto out of our family!!!
    and now the children r taught to remember our planetz as follows:
    "my very excellent mother just served us noodlez!!!"😁
    but 👍 i'm damn sure tat in another tenyears[if not in the next five yrs] there will be atleast 2-3 planets added to our system!!!
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    but 👍 i'm damn sure tat in another tenyears[if not in the next five yrs] there will be atleast 2-3 planets added to our system!!!
    Dear K

    2-3 years... It should be in 2-3 months...
    Scientests have discovered 3 more planets ... Don't remember name but they are going to add very soon... Total of 11..hurrahhh....

    Meeting in Prague over the past week, IAU members rejected a proposal to increase the number of planets to 12 by including Ceres, the largest known asteroid, which orbits between Mars and Jupiter; Charon, which has been considered Pluto's moon; and 2003 UB313, an object nicknamed "Xena" that was discovered in 2005 orbiting far beyond Pluto.
    Pluto is now considered a "dwarf planet" because it has an oblong orbit that overlaps with Neptune's orbit.
    Ceres and Xena will also be considered dwarf planets. Charon is simply one of the "small solar system bodies."

  • rosh009
    well! i think the 3 extra planets that were in discussion in prague were ceres,charon,xena and even the jupiters moon "GABRIELE" was also in discussion.
    and does anyone have any information on the mission planned by NASA to deflect a 200km. asteroid which is slated to hit earth around 2035.

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