Pls help it really damn urgent !! regarding mobile data tranfer via bluetooth

Hi Techies,

I have developed application in Visual basic 2010 in which i am fetching GPS coordinates from mobile phone through bluetooth using com ports , I have option of selecting com ports in my VB.NET application but problem is that when I connect my mobile through bluetooth it gets connected and normal photo/video sharing can be done. But it shows peripheral drivers missing , after a strong research i found to assign peripheral drivers to comp port but it stays temperory . I have only one compport listed in my blue tooth settings where as when I run the same application in my friends laptop running on win XP he has got llisted 4 comports in blue tooth settings , Please give suggestions for this problem .I wasted a lot time in searching this as a result my deadline to accomplish this task is 1 day away .Please help techies.

Mobile is nokia e 63
dell INSPIRON laptop internal bluetooth adapter
OS: windows 7 home premium



  • RajdeepCE
    Hi king99,
    I was having same problem like you in last month. I was trying to interface my nokia mobile through COM ports using datacable. However I was able to connect it successully & sometime failed too. After too much messing with Device Manage of Windows 7, I came to know that the root cause o this problem is that the COM port is being used by another application while you are trying to access it simultaneously with your application. So basically I turned off my PC Suite application & restart the system so that the COM ports get free. And finally I tried connect mobile through my application and I was able to do it without any error this time. ( But dont start PC suite first, else your system's COM port will automatically get occupied by PC Suite)

    Let us know if you still encounter any problem.

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