Please explain FSA (FINITE STATE AUTOMATA) in simple words

fsa and BNF grammar pls explain


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Hi amey, Welcome to CE.
    We can help you explain Finite State Automata in simple words. As well as the BNF Grammar.
    Before explaining, the question is - What is it that you want to know.
    What is FSA? Or how it works? or Why is it used? (Why it came into picture?)
    Please reply with a specific query and we can go on from there.
  • Manish Goyal
    Manish Goyal
    Hello Amey

    I can understand your situation while learning these topics, same happened with me during my graduations days

    I would rather recommend you to learn these through online presentations, trust me this will help you a lot in getting a brief overview of these topics

    You can find a number of presentations available on Google

    Let me know if it helps

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