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I am currently in 3rd year B.Sc. ( mathematics ) from Lucknow University. I plan to do M.C.A after this. Now here is the problem:-
I have scored 45% marks in my XIIth class and have a gap of two years after XIIth ( because of health and other problems ). Now, I have scored 70% marks in B.Sc. So, my question is that if you manage to get into some pretty decent insti for MCA and score good marks, get good knowledge, do I stand a chance of getting a decent placement? Kindly reply honestly and if I am screwed ( which I think I am ) then kindly advice me on how to proceed further?

One more thing, what is the difference between MCA and B.Tech and which institute is really good for MCA?

Thanking you in advance


  • Reya
    You need to have atleast 50% in 12th to take up the entrance exam for M.C.A. I guess there will be no entrance, if you are gonna pursue M.C.A in the same institution.
  • moiaf_drdo
    @ reya
    you are right but this condition to NITs only. Other insitutions only consider the marks of graduation as the basis of eligibility so i am quite safe here. What I want is whether the given profile of mine affect me very badly even if i try to make up in my MCA by the help of grades and knowledge.

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