• Sony has announced that the Playstation 4 will soon receive a brand new firmware upgrade, 1.70, that's going to add cool new features to your system. While no official release date has been promised, Sony's Scott McCarthy wrote on the official playstation blog that the 1.70 update is going to be a major one and it will include the most requested features by PS4 users. McCarthy offered a sneak peak at the features that all of us can look forward to; and the biggest one among them is the launch of SHAREfactory.


    SHAREfactory is Playstation's feature rich video editor application that allows you to customise the gameplay videos you have recorded before you share them with your friends on social networking sites. The SHAREfactory (see the video below) allows you to remix your videos, edit them and personalise them with special effects (filters are already included), custom text, stickers, music tracks etc. You will be able to import your own, original music creation into the gameplay videos and share them with your friends.

    Once you're ready to share your creation, SHAREfactory will allow you to upload those videos to Facebook, YouTube or even export them to an external USB powered storage media. Other minor improvements to the Playstation 4's share functionality include ability to cut down on the recording time of gameplay videos, more control over people you share your videos with and ability to turn off HDCP. It allows you to record your video directly from HDMI output which means you can have long gameplay sessions recorded. The feature was one of the most requested by PS4 gamers as it'd allow you to easily create longer walkthroughs.

    One more interesting update the 1.70 firmware brings to the table is to allow playing the game as soon as it's unlocked on the release date. If you have auto-download feature enabled, your PS4 system will automatically download the game you've pre-ordered and let you play it as soon as it's unlocked by the publisher.

    Check out the official blog entry through the source link below.

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