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Pipe Volume Calculation

Dear All,

I want to calculate volume of pipeline (other tha physical measurement of length and pipe size) connected to outlet of Known Volume of Air Receiver filled with Compressed Air. With what approach should I proceed to solve. Ref attached excel.

Harshad Katre
Santhosh M
Santhosh M • Aug 5, 2014
Just apply the method of finding volume flow rate(volume per unit time) at the outlet of the receiver tank,
the outlet volume flow rate = inlet volume flow rate when the receiver tank is full of fluid
Santhosh M
Santhosh M • Aug 5, 2014
Simple.. 😀
I didn't get what do you want to say. Please elaborate.

Thanking you.
Santhosh M
Santhosh M • Aug 13, 2014
just make the receiver tank filled with fluid,

at this state

outlet volume flow rate will be equal to the inlet volume flow rate

So with this condition volume of the pipeline can be easily calculated... hope u understand...
I think this will give Air Leakage Rate. My question is to calculate unknown pipe line volume.

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