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tmalloc • Sep 25, 2008


what is the most user friendly software used to program PIC16F877A?
do you know any cool and simple projects using this microcontroller?
The CCS Compiler was pretty friendly, but its not free unfortunately 😔

The free MPLAB IDE software from Microchip looks good, but you'd need to use a 3rd party software to compile C. Check this thread for more info:

Scroll down to PIC stuff.
Nimish • Jun 7, 2010
Use MPLAB IDE to program PIC16F877A.You can find LCD programming/interfacing tutorial with PIC16F877A on Interfacing LCD to PIC16F877A
limestone7000 • Jun 8, 2010
applications r many dude,

i myself used it in a line follower, in a competition, don't ask me whether i won in that, lol

but it was really fun with PIC!!!

[much better than 8051/52]
vishnu priya
vishnu priya • Jun 8, 2010
I too have heard that CCS was nice by one of my friends but i have not used it!
shahrul • Jun 22, 2010
I'm using MPLab with Hi-Tech compiler, it's free.
Simple project:
Dot Matrix: This is the video, This is the code
Servo Motor: This is the video, This is the code

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