• AllenPetaura


    MemberMar 10, 2014

    PETAURA - LED And NFC Collar

    AllenPetaura submitted a new project:

    #-Link-Snipped-# - The Ultimate SmartPet LED&NFC Collar.

    LINK: #-Link-Snipped-#

    The NFC technology in the collar enables close-range communication between two similar devices. This can be used by your dog to open doors that have been combined with the NFC technology, removing the need for dog flaps and being pestered by man’s best friend to leave the house.

    The smart-collar can also combine contact information for if your dog gets lost, medical data and Bitcoin or Google Wallet data, presumably so the dog can order its own food....
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  • Harshad Italiya

    MemberMar 15, 2014

    Interesting project !
    Is NFC being used just to change the LED pattern?
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