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Pepsi Machine Dispenses Free Samples In Return For Facebook Likes [Video]

We all have received free samples of products every now and then. It’s a promotional gesture by the company to see how their product works in the market. The way I see it, there are two troubles - first the company cannot obtain feedback from users timely and next they have to recruit manpower for the same. So Pepsi has now brought a new way of dispensing samples and obtaining users’ credentials at the same time with the Pepsi Like Machine. This machine is basically a vending machine containing free samples with a touchscreen attached to it. The interested user has to go near the machine and use his/her smartphone to access the website likepepsi[dot]com and then connect with their Facebook accounts and Like the Pepsi Facebook page and get a free soft drink from the vending machine. While liking the Pepsi page the machine accesses your location via your smartphone’s GPS to make sure that the person is in the vicinity of the machine before dispensing his/her sample.

Like Machine

Even if you do not have a smartphone, the vending machine has a 42-inch built in touch screen by which you can log in to your Facebook account and do the above steps. If you by mistake you forget to log out of your Facebook profile the system has been programmed to log you out automatically after a certain time. Since the machine takes your Facebook details, the company can get real-time feedback and the details of the users who have tasted their beverage. Pepsi Belgium has been the first to implement the Like Machines at the Beyoncé concerts in Antwerp, Belgium.

Have a look at a video explaining the Pepsi Like Machine.

Source: CNET

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