PCb conductive materials-fiber usage

Hi All,
Right now im doing one research regarding the Conductive materials used in PCB manufaturing. In our manufaturing we are use copper as conductive materials.
I want to know is there any conductive materials used in PCB manufaturing?
I hered from my friends,now a days fiber material was used as conductive materials instead of copper.Is is true.
Can any one let me know how we can use fiber as conductive material instead of copper...
if u have any link or documents regarding these topics its help ful for my research.
Thanks in advance...


  • just2rock
    hi Ansari,
    yes your friends are right.let me give you a bit more details on Fibre ,as you has enquired for.

    Fibre as the name suggests,like Fiber optic cables are widely used in communications systems. One type of fiber optic cable, referred to as a unitube fiber optic cable, includes an outer jacket surrounding a tube, which contains one or more optical fibers. So it has durability and longivity...but have to wait till 0thers adopt the same;-)
  • ansari6682

    Thanks for d details...Actualy my question is...

    Now a days we using copper conductive materials for signal conduction (I/O,Power and Gnd)
    Is there any possible to use fiber as condcutive material instead of copper in PCBs?.
    today i got one link for this.But i need more explaination and documnetion for next steps.


  • just2rock
    today i got one link for this.But i need more explaination and documnetion for next steps.


    if you had already got informations then just get started.


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