Payment for Android App - Transaction Declines!

I tried to buy any app for android but the transaction declines.
Does it requires any type of international bank account? (i tried SBI debit card)
need help !!😔


  • Aashish Joshi
    Aashish Joshi
    not sure if your issue was resolved or not but you can check a few things. have you registered for 3d Secure? all cards need to be registered for 3d secure. log into your internet banking to set this up. does your bank expect you to enter an otp? you should try and contact google to check why did the payments fail. and remember, never provide any information other than last 4 digits of the card,your email address, amount, date & time to google. sorry for the messy post I'm using a phone and its slightly difficult to format the post 😀

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