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Password manager + Encrypted USB + Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Question asked by Kevin Shahbazi in #Coffee Room on Apr 7, 2014
Kevin Shahbazi
Kevin Shahbazi · Apr 7, 2014
LogmeOnce fulfills an everyday need. Who isn’t worried these days about getting hacked, forgetting their passwords, or just being vulnerable because they have weak passwords? LogmeOnce offers a secure, easy-to-use alternative to these concerns and hastily written passwords on scraps of paper.
opening_page_3_Bundled Security
This is an “All-in-One” USB with password manager, secure and encrypted USB data storage, and 2FA. Additionally, LogmeOnce is the only company in the market that provides end-users with three password storage options. You may store your credentials in 1) the cloud, 2) your own desktop, 3) LogmeOnce secure USB. Irrespective of the password storage location, passwords are encrypted with AES-256 + HASH & Salted. More importantly, only you hold the encryption key.

Spread the word, and lets protect more engineers, more files and more documents. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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