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mharish812 • Oct 24, 2008

Parallel port interfacing with 32-1 multiplexer

Hey, can anyone help me in interfacing a parallel port to a 32-1 multiplexer selection lines. can we directly connect the data pins from parallel port to the selection lines of a multiplexer? As in the project i need to access 32 lines through a multiplexer which can be possible with 5 selection lines, and i have to get 5 lines to control from PC. So i have chosen this parallel port as i can get 8 lines..Please help in this....😁
stringskipper • Jan 27, 2009
"The output of the Parallel Port is normally TTL logic levels. The voltage levels are the easy part. The current you can sink and source varies from port to port. Most Parallel Ports implemented in ASIC, can sink and source around 12mA. However these are just some of the figures taken from Data sheets, Sink/Source 6mA, Source 12mA/Sink 20mA, Sink 16mA/Source 4mA, Sink/Source 12mA. As you can see they vary quite a bit. The best bet is to use a buffer, so the least current is drawn from the Parallel Port."
well you can use a buffer or else you can go for TTL converter which you can get in the form of IC,you have check out the input and output capabalities or else you design your own hardware

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