• You may be wondering why am I writing a blog on world politics instead of writing a piece of software article or some ideas for projects! This writing is in response to my unrest due to a massive danger that is looming large on Indian subcontinent, a problem which if not taken seriously will lead

    Dear brother and sisters, you must be getting the news of Pakistani Taliban getting stronger in Pakistan by every day, killing it's civilians, threating politicians, media. Poor brothers and sisters there are unaware of the danger it is living in. People voicing against this raising threat in Pakistan are tactfully sidelined as Liberals and Secular. However these groups are targeting mosques, killing innocents. It is a great danger.

    Please spare 5 minutes to read, understand and spread the message.

    In late 70's USA started funding the extremist groups in Afghanistan to use them against Russia.They got weapons and training from US army. But when Cold war ended, they had no JOB.

    It is the ISI commissioned these ruthless killers to act against INDIA. However due to cultural, linguistic and ethnic difference, the insurgency was difficult. So it set up training camps to train pakistani youth in Pak to help easy insurgency to Kashmir. However the left over group in Afgan started getting stronger and took over many tribes to win locality. Around the same time Kashmir Insurgency was in it's peak. By this time the commissioned killers had established whole terrorist mechanism in Pakistan and most of them returned to Afgan to join the now formed "Taliban". Why Taliban? Because you just can't kill people aimlessly and justify it. So "Islam" was the veil. Afgan youths started joining and they got stronger. Though US Arm supply had stopped, many terrorist groups had been already established and black market arm selling had taken root. Money was coming in the form of extortion.

    Once powerful enough, Taliban toppled Afgani Govt. to form the govt. This gave them confidence to spread in west and USA. Now funding was coming from middle east. But it made the same mistake that Japan had made during WWII. It attacked America. Whole scenario changed there. USA started ruthless military operation by now.

    If you look closely, this is the period ( post 2000) when Pakistani effect in Kashmir started to decimate. Taliban was wiped out of Afganistan. USA also started installing infrastructure, education, entertainment projects in Afganistan with able support from India. India has played most crucial role in afgan revival with over 1bn $ investment, schools, their parliament, shopping complex, Afgan radio and television and healthcare. So youth started distancing from terrorism. Though Taliban is still operating, growth was stopped.

    Afganis always consider India as a friend and local support for India has grown immensely post war. The youth simply says they don't mind India ruling Afgan. This has made Pakistan worried. They feel India will wage war against it from Afgan route. Hence ISI, Pakistani Terror Groups and Taliban again came closer. So current Afgan terrorism is simply Pakistani sponsored.

    However as Afgan revival has got momentum, it is no more a safe heaven for these groups. So they started shifting towards Pakistan. Police, Civilian, Army, they are killing all. Now ISI has least control over these groups, but these groups are helping Pak against Kashmir.

    So Pakistan is in a state of war but it does not know who they are fighting! They need Taliban, Taliban need Pakistan, Baloch fighting against Pak, pak fighting Taliban! But still enemy is undefined for Pakistan. Days are not far when Pakistan will be Another Afgan which will be too difficult to handle for India.

    Hence I appeal to both Indian and Pakistani brothers to join hands together to fight and annihilate Taliban. India wont attack Pakistan. It has it's own problems, it does not want Pakistan. You keep it. But keep it safe. Kashmir is a fight that can wait. But if Taliban destroys Pakistan, it will be a great threat as then they will have Pakistani Nuke.

    Please Share this message. If you turn your eye off from future, you have to be part of a blood shaded history. Remember it is no more a Hindu Muslim, or a Sia Sunni, or a Ahmadi vs Sunni fight. It is Evil v/s rest of mankind. You can't leave everything for diplomats, you have to bring awareness. You have to convince your friends and known ones to be aware of the problem that we are about to face.

    Its now or over!

    P.S If you are Muslim, living outside India, talk to your Pakistani friends, please talk to them and spread awareness.
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