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anupam_smart • Feb 9, 2007

Other forums you are a member of...

So there must be some people who are a member of many other forrums or such sites...(like i m)
Share those community names with others...
I am a member of.... love it)
2.ShadowsoverSilence(do not remember it any more..) forum by one of the most popular tech magazines in INDIA) Course hehehe...)😁
I am a member of......
and of course
gohm • Sep 18, 2010
Forums I frequent:

I'm a member/mod on:

Crazy Engineers- engineering (I know this is obvious) =) car & racing

I'm a member of:
capital driving club- racing
BMW club of DC- racing
Ocean Guardians Alliance- conservation
Treehugger- sustainability & conservation
club roadster- car/racing
TriumphRat- motorcycle
Solo2- racing
Miata turbo- car/racing
the jockey journal- motorcycle
rishi0922 • Sep 18, 2010
Well after crazyengineers some of the forams which i contact with is ..

a)Geek Interview
b)Think Digit

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