OS wars!!

Which one is your favorite operating system and any special reason of being favorite?

Mine is Windows maybe coz I never used any other.😉


  • desijays
    i love a linux box. Command line heaven. Just a bunch of white characters on a black background. But with linux, its hard to get device drivers for particular hardware.

    Thats the only part that windows excels...
  • aashima
    I too would go for Linux OS. A perfectly clean interface and all functions in one single window. The only thing that restricts its popularity in the masses is that its not user friendly. One has to be known to it and its complete command tutorial to get started with it. But gives you a technical interface to work on.
    Though Windows is a user friendly OS with the distinguished feature of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). It can easily be handled by a non-techie person or a complete novice.
  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    Well, I would not agree with the user friendly part! Has anyone checked out the Ubuntu release, or even Mandrake for that matter. Its one of the easiest OS installs thats out there! Believe me, even Windows installation is a pain in the a$$ compared to these two.

    Have you checked out Knoppix (the Debian variant)? Well, imagine an OS that boots from a CD and doesnt need any partitions to run on per se. How cool is that, put in the CD and it boots by itself. It will take Windows eons before it achieves this kind of flexibility/power/simplicity. Frankly, I dont think Windows will every achieve this.

    The main problem with Windows was that they were flawed from the word go, and they kept on building on this flawed version. If your base is not rock solid, then you will always end up with a pile of crap 😀.

    Linux rawks!!

    PS - 4 years back, I was a windows fan ... then I used Linux.
  • aashima
    Well do you really think that a bootable CD is a reliable and good-for-long-run package? Windows was able to overcome every OS available in the market because of its easy acceptability and simple interface.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    *Votes for Windows (Vista)*

    I'll go with the leader 😁 ! I've been on almost all OS mentioned in the poll.

    Windows Rocks. I haven't had trouble with Windows since past 4 years. They say if you keep running Windows for more than 200 days, it slows down. Well, mine didn't.

    Linux: Super OS if you are doing techie stuff. I mean the OS rocks when it comes to Servers. I've spent time with most of the flavors of Linux and they all are great. But then, I believe Linux has a long way to go before it penetrates every desktop.

    Mac OS X : If you are a Windows user and a fan of right clicks, you will hate iMacs. One thing I truly love about iMac is the stunning display it gives to the user. But when usability is concerned, you have to spend time to actually understand what's happening 😁
    But if you have been using Mac, you are bound to fall in love with it.

    Overall, my vote goes to Microsoft Folks & the Windows Vista [​IMG]

    -The Big K-
    p.s: I know M$ haters will now start hating me. Can't help it, really! [​IMG]
  • desijays
    Well do you really think that a bootable CD is a reliable and good-for-long-run package? Windows was able to overcome every OS available in the market because of its easy acceptability and simple interface.
    a bootable distro is not meant to used as it is. instead of going through the trouble of installing the OS and finding out you don't like it, a bootable OS allows you to check it out. And if you do like it, then you can install it to the hard disk.

    A note:
    by the way, acceptability is not a feature of Windows. Acceptability is a consequence that arises from a feature like 'simple interface'. Different OS's are liked and accepted for different reasons.

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