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@demetron • 05 Oct, 2012
some times i really think that taking Comp. Sc. as my stream of BE....restrict me in many ways specially when i compare it any other core branch.I mean i can't think of any other better option then a software job as being a CS student. sometimes i really regret to have a BE CS degree when treated like we are not real engineers.
what you guys think?

P.S. this is my personal opinion about my offense to other CS students/engg
@demetron • 05 Oct, 2012 as an advanced reply
"yup! i miss-spelled software \m/ .......thank you for noticing."
@grsalvi • 07 Oct, 2012 First of all ,where did you miss-spell 'software ' 😛

Now about stream.
Seriously why you want more options ?
If what you learning is loving to you.
I am from core branch and having lots of options had confused me alot.
And over the years i have learned one thing :
We always find that "The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side".😉

Same is with you.
But still you have other options along with software like UPSC,banks,hardware,etc.

I named other options to make you feel free.
And remember till now the number 1 ranking profession is Software engineer (google top professions ,you will see recent survey report).
However,respect all professions because we need every kind of engineer and every profession has pros and cons.😁
@demetron • 08 Oct, 2012
First of all ,where did you miss-spell 'software ' 😛
well there was an extra 't' in software first...but it's got corrected.

thanks for reply
@vamsi kancharla • 09 Oct, 2012 you had oppurtunity in the field of BANKING,IAS,TEACHING,HARDWAREand you can also start an institute
@demetron • 09 Oct, 2012
vamsi kancharla
you had oppurtunity in the field of BANKING,IAS,TEACHING,HARDWAREand you can also start an institute
BANKING,IAS,TEACHING this doesn't require a BE comp. sc. degree as minimum requirement any other graduate can do it also...and that's what my question is about,what benefit my CS degree gives me other then a software job.
@vamsi kancharla • 10 Oct, 2012 teaching field in sense you had an oppurtunity to join in enginnering colleges as csc faculty cs field can only give you this rather software job

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