Optic Engine

hi! friends could you solve my doubt.😕
..if the engine is made using optics which is reliable..........
wat would happen.???????????..:?:
is it emit some sort of energy or not.......;-)😁


  • vaitheeswaran
    Hi anand,
    An optical engine is provided with an optical element having an optical substrate and optics. An opto-electronic element is used in engine and converts between light and electronic signals, is secured to the optical substrate and is passively aligned with the optics. however energy emission is possible but the exact usage is an obscure..
  • tonycheerup
    i liked ur way of thinkin
  • 3disigners
    What is optic engine
  • Gopal Dinesh
    Gopal Dinesh
    I need to know how to produce multiple image (in an array) in one screen using a projector. I am assuming multiples mirrors and optics lenses could be used but how I can project 9 image of the same picture in an array form (3 columns and 3 rows) and very close each other.
  • sauravgoswami
    for wat purpose you require optical engine???? were u want to make use of it???

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