Operating System For Gamers : SteamOS, Beta 1.0 Codenamed 'Alchemist' Is Out.

I was quite surprised that VoiCEans didn't covered the revolutionary move by Valve, the resurrector of PC gaming, the Operating system for gaming - SteamOS!

Well here's few information :
- SteamOS 1.0 Beta 'Alchemist' is based on Debian Wheezy.
- Grab the OS from SteamOS
- SteamOS uses Gnome shell
- Kernel in SteamOS is tweaked, few lines are added, though you can run SteamOS kernel in Ubuntu.
- AMD & Intel support coming soon. However, you can boot SteamOS in intel & AMD hardware too. (Power of opensource! buddy)
- Valve & nVidia have worked together for SteamOS, you can expect nVidia drivers to be outperforming AMD & Intel in future & also Windows too.

Finally, Gaming in Linux has arrived. Few hardcore games... just few & Linux will take over the market.

Note that, OS is still in Beta & installation to 'normal' users might look tough, but it isn't. If you own nVidia GPU, my suggestion is DON'T WAIT FOR STABLE RELEASE! Download SteamOS now.

PS : Valve has joined Linux Foundation.


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