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simple • May 11, 2008

Operating system concepts

what is difference between threads and child processes and light weight processes?

p.s. i have referred to two books by tanenbaum and i have found contradictory answers. thats why i am asking here!!
xheavenlyx • May 11, 2008
Could you also write the answers you saw in the other two books? That would be nice to refer here and correct which ever is wrong or explain both. 😀
djnachi • May 13, 2008
Hi Simple,

Your query will be surely solved by the following books:

1.Operating Systems Concepts - Silberschatz Galvin
2.Operating Systems - Achyut S. Godbole

Dj Nachi.😛
freakinengg • May 30, 2008
Cmn Man...
Its Simple...
Threads Re Defined As Lightweight Processes...
Nway Refer Gd Books..
Try Pearson Edition Books..
simple • May 31, 2008
Its not that simple....

Kernel-supported threads fall into two classes.
  • In a "pure" kernel-supported system, the kernel is responsible for scheduling all threads.
  • Systems in which the kernel cooperates with a user-level library to do scheduling are known as two-level, or hybrid, systems. Typically, the kernel schedules LWPs, and the user-level library schedules threads onto LWPs.
This is why i was confused....
thanks anyways!! c ya!!
AHAD-KHAN • Jun 7, 2008
hey every body-i am going to interfacing a single led through parallel port .can any one tell me how it interface....
xheavenlyx • Jun 7, 2008
Ahad Khan, search our forums and google, we have a good tutorial here.
AHAD-KHAN • Jun 7, 2008
thanx xheavenlyx,but i could not find the functioning of operating system in interfacing- moreover why we prefer windows-98 in interfacing.In window-xp we can not access parallel port directly, if so then why... i need perfect help!
AHAD-KHAN • Jun 8, 2008
plz xheavenlyx,i am waiting ...reply please!

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