• March/April is usually the time of the year when college students all over India start looking for an internship or training to do in their summer break.

    Often a summer training requires students to move to a new city, go through the hassle of finding accommodation, food, and worry about safety etc. It also adds to the expenses students have to incur on top of the training fee they have to pay.


    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform where students can do their summer trainings online from the comfort of their homes, as per a schedule that fits them, and yet learn from the best in the field? Virtual Training Centre by Internshala, popularly known as Internshala VTC, is one such initiative.

    What is Internshala VTC?

    Internshala VTC (#-Link-Snipped-#) is a state of the art online training platform for offering 8 online summer training programs for college students in following areas -

    1. Web Development (PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML)
    2. Hacking
    3. Core Java
    4. Robotics
    5. ASP . NET with C#
    6. Python
    7. VLSI Design using VHDL language
    8. Windows 8 App Development

    All the courses are for beginners and require no pre-requisite knowledge. Ability to read and comprehend English, an internet connection, and a will power to learn are only things a learner needs to start learning a new skill.

    The platform has in-built practice environment (you don't need to install anything), a Q&A forum, a live chat support (in case you get stuck somewhere), lots of practical assignments, quizzes and a live major project student works on. At the end of the training, students undergo an online assessment and receive a certificate of training from Internshala. The details for each course are given on the website - #-Link-Snipped-#

    Why may you want to choose Internshala VTC?

    Internshala VTC solves 2 major pain points of today's student community -

    1. Many students, who do not get internship to work in a corporate environment, waste their summer vacation without doing anything that could be useful for their career. Learning a new skill in the summer break will improve their career prospects when they apply for next internship or at the time of placements.
    2. Some students, who do go for classroom based trainings with local training providers, generally face following problems -
    • Most of these trainings are in big metros only making them inaccessible for students in remote areas.
    • Those who do come over, have to spend a lot of money and time looking for accommodation, food etc. and/or worry about safety
    • Local students may have to spend lot of time commuting (think about a Gurgaon student coming to Noida or a Navi Mumbai student having to travel to Dadar for these trainings)
    • And finally, the quality of the trainings is inconsistent as it depends on the quality of the trainer and his/her mood that day.
    Is Internshala VTC for you?

    While the platform is open for anyone to learn, it will be immensely relevant for college students (undergraduate and post graduate) who will have a summer break coming soon and would want to use it to learn a new technology skill. This may include –
    • 3rd year Engineering students whom T&P cell mandates to do an internship/training,
    • 1st/2nd year students who may want to use this break to build their profile,
    • students in remote areas (including girls) who may not find it feasible to move to a new city for their training,
    • student entrepreneurs who may want to learn the required skill to build their venture etc., or
    • students who are always keen to learn a new skill to stay ahead of the curve
    What has been user feedback?

    Pretty good! 71% of the past users have rated the platform as awesome (4% as poor and rest in-between). This is what some of the student users had to say about the trainings last summer –

    “It was awesome. Would surely recommend to my juniors if it is available next summer too.”
    – Yashaditya Vyas of BITS Pilani
    “This training was very useful and will lay the foundation for my career.”
    – Shyam from PSG college.
    “A wonderful experience with a golden chance to utilize the summer break.”
    – Meghna, Lady Shri Ram College

    Free demo and promo code

    You may visit Internshala VTC website (#-Link-Snipped-#) to take a free demo of the trainings and if you like to enrol for any of the programs, use promo code -

    Spoiler: Click Here To Get The PROMO CODE

    to get 10% discount on the training fee
    – exclusively for CrazyEngineers community.

    In addition, Internshala VTC is also offering an early bird discount on the training programs till 24th March, so if you want to make productive use of your summer – signing up NOW for Internshala VTC may be a good idea and will save you lot of money.
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