Online courses?

I am very interested furthering my knowledge and career. I have been looking to see what my options are becoming a Chemical Engineer. However, have 2 little ones 8 & 6 married and have a full time job working average 6 to 7 days a week. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about any online universities, courses, classes I may take or direct me in that direction?

Greatly Appreciated
Thank you in Advance
Jesse Sanchez


  • durga ch
    durga ch
    Re: Online courses????????????

    Hi Superman
    You can pursue them part time from local college i suppose Have you checked you community or local college for details?
  • superman6180
    Re: Online courses????????????

    Hi Superman
    You can pursue them part time from local college i suppose Have you checked you community or local college for details?
    No I have not......I do live in a big city Northwest side of San Antonio, Texas.....It might be best to take night courses here locally for the fact is your visually working on one to one basis. I better check to see what they offer here in San Antonio or for that matter if its offerered at all...

    Thanks Durga....Any input is greatly appreciated....Be safe & will get back to you soon to let you know if its offered here
  • giip
    Re: Online courses????????????

    Intellectual Property Rights is an alternate career option for for graduates, post-graduates, research associates and working professionals from the ICT, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Heavy Engineering, Petrochemical and KPO & LPO industry. Some of the modules are also meant for professionals with legal (LLB, LLM) background.

    You can join expert level Intellectual Property online courses from IGNOU & GIIP.

    Hope this will help

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