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Sterlingz • Aug 20, 2018

One-way mechanism similar to freewheel?

Hi all,

I'm working on a device which greatly resembles an e-brake handle. The user grabs the handle, pulls it up, and cannot push it back down unless a release of sorts is triggered.

I'd like to improve the device by removing the ratcheting function and replacing it with a one-way toothless ratchet (I think it's called a freewheel?). This eliminates the "slop" caused by teeth and gives smoother operation.

Problem is  I don't know where to start with this.

Are there other "one way" devices that I could adopt? Are there existing designs for toothless ratchets available?

Any help is appreciated!

Free wheel has the teeth inside. You can consider some sort of friction plate like a clutch.

What I suggested may need some elaboration. What I am getting at is some kind of friction drive riding on the circumference of the ‘free wheel’, which engages the edge in one direction and disengages in the reverse direction. 

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